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My name is Gabriel Michael Brown and I am disabled with the use of a service dog, because of my disability, I use a wheelchair to navigate through the world and complete my daily tasks. I never let my disability hold me back from perusing my dreams. I was one of the first two people to graduate from my high school with a significant physical disability from the general education curriculum, of the two of us , I will be the first to get a college degree. Working with other people is one of my strength’s again due to my disability, other people are more important to me in my daily live then they would be to an able body person. Another unintended benefit of my disability, it forces me to adapt to situations that people otherwise would consider normal also a fan of narrative, whether it be in to book’s, television or film. I am a mass communication major, who enjoys video production, but even more so I enjoyed critiquing media for the student newspaper. I have written a number of articles concerning the media such as my opinion on “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane, a review of “the graduate” stage production as well as several reviews of the” Walking Dead” television show. I also have extensive experience working in radio, been a DJ, every year I’ve been in college. I enjoy following political news because it play’s a large role in our lives today whether people want to admit it or not.


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