Community says goodbye to Troy and Donald Glover

“Geothermal Escapism” honor Troy’s last day Abed, played by Danny Pudi organized a campus wide game of hot lava every floor on campus was turned into metaphorical hot lava. The episode was the last for Donald Glover, who plays Troy. Glover is leaving the show to pursue his rap career and support his second album entitled “because the Internet” the episode is a worthy sendoff for Glover and his character. It is full of emotional moments for all of the characters and its fans alike it remains to be seen how the show would do without Troy and Abed’s relationship it’s sad to say that there will be no more “Troy and Abed in the morning” lines. The two characters relationship was certainly one of the most likable in the show and maybe in all current television.  It’s fitting that Troy left on a boat named the childish tycoon   because Glover goes by the name Childish Gambino and he is also become sort of a tycoon in the entertainment world he got his start writing on popular sitcom Tina Fay’s 30 rock, he is also part of the Internet comedy group called Derrick comedy and has done two Comedy Central standup specials as well as appearing in various TV shows and movies. Community however gave themselves a bit of wiggle room to bring Glover and his character back if he so chooses by “cloning him”.

You can watch Community on Thursday nights at 8 PM on NBC or on the day after it airs

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