“The Blacklist” tops the list of favorite shows on NBC.

James Spader stars in NBC’s most popular new drama called “The Blacklist”. Which as of this post, has aired thirteen episodes. It’s quite easily the best drama on television. According to several website “The Blacklist” has set a delayed viewing record which basically means people DVR the show or watch it on HULU at their convenience. Almost all the actors do a fine job with their characters except for Ryan Eggold who plays Tom Keen, husband of female lead Elizabeth Keen played by Megan Boone. His performance feels a little flat; possibly because they’re building his character up to some sort of big conflict. Hopefully it will resolve itself by the end of the first season. The true standout of the cast is James Spader who plays Red Reddington. His witty almost cold sense of sarcasm helped to counterbalance his darker more violent actions. He fits the role perfectly and it would be hard to imagine anyone else playing the role as good as he does. The way each episode ends on a cliff hanger that the writers pay off in the next episode, is what keeps viewers coming back. They don’t leave to much unanswered for the viewer aside from a few season long threads that mostly revolve around Liz and her family. NBC realized they had a hit on their hands and on December 3, 2013 it was announced that it would be renewed for a 22 episode second season. Anyone who is a fan of good drama should check out “The Blacklist” Monday’s at 10 pm on NBC or on HULU and NBC.com the day after it airs.

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One comment on ““The Blacklist” tops the list of favorite shows on NBC.
  1. […] and quite possibly the heir apparent to Breaking Bad for best drama on television. As I said in earlier posts, the Blacklist stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a charming, cunning yet ruthless […]

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