The Two Men Who Are Respnsible For One Of The Infamous Quotes In Political History


Both of these men were reporters at the Washington Post, who were briefly responsible for breaking the Watergate Scandal, which eventually brought down the Nixon administration, and led to one of the most infamous quotes in all of political history, Richard Nixon, saying,” I am not a crook “. Woodward has continued to work for the post after the Watergate scandal, today he is an associate editor. In 1973, Woodward and Bernstein were both given the Pulitzer Prize for public service, for his reporting on the scandal; Woodward was the main reporter for the post on the September 11 attacks, earning him a second Pulitzer Prize in reporting.  Woodward spent close to eleven hours with then president George W Bush while writing four books about him over the course of six years . He originally believed the Bush Administration, with regard to their claims about weapons of mass destruction saying in an interview on” Larry King Live”, “there is a zero percent chance of them not having weapons of mass destruction”. He later realized his error in judgment,” I should of looked at the evidence much much harder”. Carl Bernstein is currently a visiting professor at Stoney Brook University and for his work. Bernstein has co-authored a number of books, among them, His Holiness: John Paul II and A Woman In Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Little fun fact; Bernstein was born on Valentine’s Day, 1944

Woodward and Bernstein wrote the book, All The Presidents Men, which was later produced into a movie starring, Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, as the two main characters.

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