Brooklyn Nine-Nine Use’s Major Guest Stars For To Great Affect.

Fox’s new sitcom Brooklyn Nine-nine adds even more stars to its already star-studded cast for its post-Super Bowl episode. The parade of guest stars began with Payton Oswald reprising his role briefly as Fire Marshall Boone in the opening scene in which Brooklyn’s 99th precinct took on the New York City fire Department in a game of backyard football, most likely to tie in to the Super Bowl. Next up year was Dean Winters perhaps best known for his role as Mayhem in the Allstate commercials returned as detectives Jake Peralta’s (Andy Sandberg) nemesis detective Warren Pembroke or as he is better known the vulture tries to steal the case from out from under the 99th precinct. Winters also plays Detective Brian Cassidy on NBC’s Law and order SVU it’s nice to see Winters sort of take that character and combine it with Mayhem to come up with the vulture’s comedic timing. Perhaps the biggest guest spot along to comedian and movie star Adam Sandler, who played himself as a “serious” Greek antiquity collector who when questioned by Peralta seem to understand the joke that Adam Sandler does not make serious movies. Last but not least is former Redskins Super Bowl winning quarterback and current “Monday Night Football” analyst Joe Thiemann again another football tie in who also appeared at the auction and unfortunately got his other leg broken in a bit of slapstick comedy by Andy Sandberg when chasing after a suspect. Brooklyn Nine Nine is clearly Fox’s biggest new show of the season after winning two Golden globes one for best actor, Andy Sandberg and another for most outstanding comedy series. The show was also the first on Fox to be given a post-Super Bowl slot in its inaugural season. And it’s cast and writers deserved it.

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