The Walking Dead asks more than it answers.


The Walking Dead returns with much fan fair. After its climax of the fall season, the main cast is separated. All we know at this point is that Rick and Carl aren’t together and have been scraping by with whatever they find. It is nice to know that after basically a season and a half at the prison, everyone will be on the road and moving again. Hopefully it will add some excitement to the show which at this point is getting a little stale. The episode mainly focused on Rick and Carl and their dysfunctional relationship as father and son. Carl is feeling disrespected by his father; who at this point has had a fight with the governor in the mid-season finale and now walks with a limp. The show also focused on Michonne who has been forced to resort to her old wondering ways. She has also been literally disarming walkers and dealing with her internal struggle within herself about her past. Her strife is portrayed quite well in a flashback; in which she has a conversation with two members of her family, who later became the first set of walkers she kept with her, just after the outbreak started. The two climaxes of the episode happened when Carl cannot shoot his father because he realizes on some level he needs his father to protect him; also he probably doesn’t want to be responsible for shooting both his mother and his father. The other climax is when Michonne is walking amongst a herd of walkers when she sees one that looks strikingly similar to herself. She then decides to slay every member of the zombie herd, which is 23, in spectacular fashion before arriving at the house where the Grime’s family has made camp.
The audience is given no clue as to the whereabouts of any of the other cast members. It’ll be interesting throughout the next half of the season to see where everybody has ended up after the governor decimated the prison. Maggie and Glen’s relationship will become even more important since the death of Maggie’s father Hershel. Where’s Daryl is probably the question that female viewers will be asking themselves after this week’s episode. It will be surprising if Daryl was not one of the characters in next week’s episode whom they decided to focus on. If Carol doesn’t make an appearance by the end of the season it would be underwhelming. It feels like the show is gearing that character up for a big save the day type of moment at the end of the season. It’s probably safe to assume that we won’t see everyone back together in one place until the season finale. Who emerges as the moral conscience since Hershel is no longer alive and will no longer be there to provide advice? All in all the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead asked more questions than it answered. After the battle over the prison, which fans so desperately wanted at the end of the third season, and the departure of to this point the series main villain it’s important for them to press the reset button in a sense. They gave you what you wanted in the mid-season finale. One can only imagine what they have planned for the season finale.

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