Rake, loose plot threads galore

Rake, is a show with an enjoyable main character played by, Greg Kinnear an enjoyable cast of supporting characters. However that’s about it. Kinnear finds himself in some money troubles and has to take a case that he has little to no chance of winning to get out of the situation he is in. Problem is there are a lot of plot threads that don’t get resolved or work their way towards being so. For example, Kinnear’s son Finn is apparently having a sexual relationship with his teacher who he met briefly in last week’s episode. It feels like the writers are going up to a number of different climaxes that aren’t related to each other in any significant way. Instead of paying one storyline off at a time they keep introducing new plot elements instead of trying to actually have some character growth and some truly touching moments between characters which do happen on occasion but not nearly viewers invested on a weekly basis. If Kinnear character doesn’t start paying off his numerous creditors soon, viewers will be tempted to invest their time else were because at this point, Rake has built up an almost insurmountable amount of debt to it’s viewers that could leave it sitting at the bottom of the ratings after one season. Am I personally going to drop the show,  NO, partially due to the lack of programming on NBC, thanks to the Winter Olympics, go USA, so I will at least watch until the end of February, if not until the end of the first season. You can Rake on Hulu

, the day after it airs

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