Fun Times In Space With DR. Who

DR. WHO is of course the popular scientific television show starring, everyone’s favorite time traveling quirky main character and his companions. They travel in a blue nineteen fifty’s police call box called, The Tadis time and relative dimension in space. You would probably hear a lot of fans saying that DR. Who is one of the best written shows on television with tons of emotional impact and tight plots? Is DR. Who, the best show on television, certainly not. Is it well written, that’s up for debate. Where I give the writer’s credit, is where their ability to right an episode about an alien scientist who was trying to give birth to a race of aliens made out of human fatty tissue. They take a premise as silly and off the wall and make you care about even though there might be plot holes, you don’t care because you’re having fun, and you just enjoy it. As someone who has just recently finished all the new DR. Who from 2005 until 2013, I can say that the special effects in the show are quite frankly awful and could easily take someone out of the experience and force them to turn it off and throughout the series you just don’t care but  the other thing that carries the silly writing is the actors. It all starts with the Dr. Christopher Eccleston, the ninth doctor who showed tremendous regret for what he had done prior to the beginning of the new series. The tenth Dr. David Tennant, who was beloved by fans for being fun and goofy, where Eccleston was much more serious in contrast. Matt Smith, who wears a bow tie because there cool and speaks baby. All three of these men’s were warily successors to William Heartnell, who played the first Dr. when the series’ first ran in 1963. Is DR. Who the pinnacle of television as a medium, no, is it an enjoyable show that’s fun for all, yes. You can watch the first seven seasons of the new DR. Who on

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