Katherine Graham, Mary Barra and Arianna Huffington 3 powerful women who deserve your respect

Katherine Graham was the former owner of The Washington Post during its’ most famous era the 70s and 80s during the Watergate scandal brought on about two of her reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, see earlier post for more information about the two of them in particular. Katherine Graham originally was not supposed to run the Post; her father left it to her husband Philip who held the post until his death in 1963. His wife then took over as de facto publisher from 1963-1969, formally holding the title from 1969-1979. In 1972 she was the first woman to be the Fortune 500 CEO. In 1998 her memoir, “Personal History”, won the Pulitzer Prize. Katherine Graham serves as a role model for woman in positions of power today like Mary Barra who succeeded Dan Akerson on January 15th of this year as first female CEO of a major global automaker. I’m sure Mrs. Barra will encounter some of the same stigma that Katherine Graham encountered as head of the Post because of one of a few women in such a high position of power. However, since Katherine Graham, Arianna Huffington has followed in Graham’s direct footsteps and now runs her family’s online news outlet the Huffington Post and has been known to make appearances on several media outlets including MSNBC; she has even become such a pop culture figure that she appeared on FOX’s “Family Guy” when Brian writes a self-help guide and ends up on the New York Times Best Seller list.

For more information on Mary Barra, Katherine Graham and Arianna Huffington you can click the links that I’ve added.

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