The Freedom Journal and how it served to change the media’s opinion of black people and how some people still need a lesson in minority culture.

The Freedom Journal was the first newspaper owned and operated by free black men in the United States. It was founded in 1827 by Rev. Peter Williams, Jr and other free black men. The paper was formed to combat racist stereotypes that the media presented of black people. Most main stream media at the time portrayed black slaves as incapable of survival without their white masters or as blissfully ignorant and happy as slaves. In some cases they were even portrayed as a threat to society if set free. It is amazing to me how that the view of blacks as happy and ignorant is still prevalent in today’s media. For example, Ted Nugent saying if President Obama wins the 2012 election I will be either dead or in jail by April 2013. Most of people’s Obama hate is purely because he is the first black President. Even the completely false conspiracy that President Obama is a Muslim is brought on because he’s black. I guarantee you that if Barack Obama was a white man that conspiracy never would have happened or at least the Republican Party would not be pushing it as hard as they do. In a nutshell The Freedom Journal was an important advocate for African American rights even though it only lasted roughly 3 years. The importance of The Freedom Journal cannot be understated even though there aren’t very many alternative newspapers anymore; there are still alternative media outlets such as the Young Terks or World Net Daily. However some of their views may be extreme.

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