Walking Dead season four finale, is terminus safe?……No

The Walking Dead season four finale answered a lot of the questions that fans had throughout the season. It started with a flashback of Carl and his friend opening the gate at the prison for Rick, Daryl and Michonne coming back from a run. To some the choice to open with a flashback from the prison, which was destroyed by the Governor at the mid-season finale, may appear as an odd choice but it functions as a book end meaning the season ends where it begins. Season four opened at the prison with Rick farming so it’s completely appropriate for the show to open at the prison with Hershel teaching Rick how to farm. Oh did I forget to mention Hershel is alive in the flashbacks? The flashback also serves to show some necessary character development on Rick’s part. Just like the flashbacks in the mid-season premiere served to shed light on Michonne’s past pre-apocalypse. If you look at how the Governor destroyed the prison and killed Hershel as a second apocalypse for the group it makes sense that they would choose to use flashbacks. This episode is easily for most brutal of the season for several reasons: one Rick, Michonne and Carl stumble upon a man screaming for help in the woods so Carl drawls is gun in an effort to help, Rick holds in back saying there’s nothing we can do so they watch him die, two Rick kills the leader of the “claimers” clan by biting through his neck after punching him in the face, and three Carl was essentially sexually assaulted by another member of the “claimers” clan whom the talking dead referred to as “deserved it Dan” who Rick later gutted all in one scene. After killing the “claimers” clan, Daryl joins back up with Rick’s group and the four head to terminus an apparent safe haven at the end of the train tracks. Side note the train tracks were used throughout the second half of the season to signify the journey all the separate groups have taken and will take throughout their time on the show. Once the four get to terminus we see Rick putting some weapons and ammo in a duffel bag hiding it in a hole outside the fence on the perimeter “just in case” something goes wrong. The group then jumps the back fence and proceeds into terminus with caution. Once there they are frisked by the leaders of terminus for any weapons they might be hiding on their persons. While they are being shown around, Rick notices Hershel’s watch that Glen had received from Hershel back in season three after he proposes to Maggie. From that point on the group gets in a shoot-out with the folks at terminus and we find out terminus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Eventually at the end of the episode we find out that Glen, Maggie and the rest of their group who arrived at terminus at the end of last week’s episode have been put into a dark train car where Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl all end up. So a large portion of the group gets reunited. The episode ends with Rick proclaiming that they screwed with the wrong people. Even though the episode is very bleak, that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its uplifting moments. The scene of the morning after the fight with the “claimers” clan, Rick tells Daryl that he regards him as a brother and even though they were separated he knew that they would always look out for each other. We also get some details about Michonnes son’s death and her two walker friends whom she had at the beginning of season three. There are still a few unanswered questions like where Beth is and what about Tyrese and Carol but I guess they have to give us a reason to watch season five. If you would like to buy The Walking Dead season four on Amazon.com click here.

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