The Blacklist…watch it, it’s great trust me

The Blacklist is the best new network drama of the season. It is easily my favorite new show of the New Year and quite possibly the heir apparent to Breaking Bad for best drama on television. As I said in earlier posts, the Blacklist stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a charming, cunning yet ruthless criminal who decides to help the FBI for his own personal benefits. At this point in the first season with four episodes left, the viewer knows some things about the characters that the characters themselves don’t know like the apparent family connections between the two main characters Red and Liz. The show still has a great way of giving the viewer just enough of the continuing story lines each week to keep them at the edge of their seat. Also, they give the viewers a satisfying conclusion to each weekly storyline to keep them coming back. I remember saying the one character I had a problem with early on in the season was the character of Liz’s husband, Tom Keen played by Ryan Eggold. He came across to me as a little flat but now that they are beginning to answer questions about him and his purpose I see the subtle development in his character. I have come to appreciate both him as a character and an actor as the show goes on. The show also makes great use of music in certain scenes. In particular, there is a scene where the viewers are led to believe that Tom is having an affair with a character named Jolene. The editing in this scene is fantastic and is cut perfectly to the Dolly Parton song entitled “Jolene”. The other piece of standout music in the show is Johnny Cash’s song “When the Man Comes Around”. It is played in a scene where Red is systematically hunting the people who imprisoned him the previous week. Anybody who loves great drama should check out the Blacklist. The season finale airs on Monday, May 12th  on NBC. The five most recent episodes are posted on HULU plus and also the day after they air.

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