Important things about the practice of Journalism.

What follows is a few of the key elements in journalism. The process of journalism is a simple one in theory but a hard one in actual practice. I say this because anyone in theory can become and to a certain extent is a journalist, mostly due to websites like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Anybody can post about their experiences, events they’re doing and share links that they think are cool. However, good journalism has certain standards and practices that go along with it. First and foremost is our obligation is to the truth not to any sort of personal agenda that we want to achieve. An idea that strongly relates to the truth is the idea that journalists should trust but verify which means if a journalists gets a tip from somebody they should always check it out. A common quote that’s thrown around in journalism classes is “If your mother says she loves you, check it out” which basically means don’t trust one single persons word, go to multiple people and see what their views on the event were. Another important factor in journalism is avoiding conflict of interest. The best way I can’t illustrate this is a quote by Andrew Rosenthal, “I don’t care if you fuck an elephant, just so long as you don’t cover the circus”. In nicer terms that means if I’m part of an organization such as the Kiwanis club, I wouldn’t cover an event that my branch is putting on for the newspaper because I have a bias as to how the story is perceived. I may try to spin events more than a reporter coming in from outside the organization.If you want more information on the ethics of journalism and good practices click here.

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