Pramface, a great British comedy.

Pramface is a British sitcom produced by the BBC that is available in the U.S on HULU. Pramface typically runs about thirty- two minutes on HULU because it’s British their ad structure is a little different. Basically that means that the resolution of the plot is longer. The show centers around two teenagers (Jamie and Laura), who have a one night stand together at a graduation party at the end of the school year and end up having a child together. Jamie, who is two years younger than Laura, is very bland and sort of nerdy but a good guy at heart. Laura has big plans for her life after high school but they get derailed when she finds out she is pregnant. Jamie’s parents, Sam and Keith, are hardworking, blue collar people. Sam is the brains of the outfit while Keith is sort of an idiot. Keith is like a live action version of Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. Laura’s family is an upper class, white collar, dysfunctional family. Her parents are constantly talking about a divorce which serves to bring comedy because Laura is caught in the middle. The other two characters in the main cast are Mike and Beth who are Jamie’s best friends. There is romantic tension between the two of them although Beth really is attracted to Jamie, but doesn’t tell him because she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. There of course is the daughter of Jamie and Laura, Emily. Emily doesn’t really do much in this show because she is a baby. She is the reason for a lot of the comedic moments and situations in the show though.

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