The Blacklist is back with vengence.

The Blacklist came back after its two week hiatus which made me and a number of Blacklist viewers very, very, very, very…angry. There are only three more episodes left in this season which means that the Blacklist has a few story lines to wrap up after this week. There are questions like why is Reddington helping the FBI, why does he take great pains to protect Liz, and what exactly is the Berlin organization that Liz’s sort of ex-husband belong to? They have paid off every story line that they set up to this point so there is no reason to believe that they won’t pay off these. In this week’s episode, the plot between Liz and her husband finally came to a head. When Liz confronted Tom and asked him, with tears in her eyes, “Why would u do this to me? I loved you.” And when he doesn’t give her a satisfying answer she proceeds to break his thumb with pliers.  The two then fight with Tom winning and leaving Liz handcuffed to a stairwell banister. Reddington maintains a close eye on Tom as he has done throughout the entire season, again protecting Liz. However, the episode ends with a cliff hanger of Liz opening a safety deposit box apparently belonging to Tom. In the deposit box it has a photo that we didn’t get to see. The last thing we see is Liz with a look of shock on her face before the credits role. It is a typical Blacklist cliff hanger. I am excited for the last three episodes in season one. You can see the latest episode on HULU.

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