The Boston bombing suspects photo is probably the clearest use of good journalistic ethics for public service. The photo was released widely to the public to help the FBI determine who the suspects were as well as their current location so that way they can be apprehended quickly. Thanks to the public four days after the bombing the suspects were located and apprehended.

The 9/11 falling man is probably one of the most famous images of the 9/11 attacks. Some news outlets felt it not appropriate to use the photo in their coverage in the event while some did.

The photo on the right is a photo of a grieving relative of a Sandy Hook victim which has become one of the more famous photos from the incident. As with the falling man photo, some outlets decided to use it while others didn’t. What bothers me about this photo and others from the incident is that some people who claim to be journalists say that it was staged or in some way altered to further some sort of governmental cause. In their misguided attempt to prove that Sandy Hook is a government conspiracy when in fact it is those people who do not deserved to call themselves citizens, journalists or either of the words associated with that term because in no way is that good journalists ethics or being a responsible US citizen.


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