My (early) student affairs Career

I am a student affairs second-year graduate student preparing to enter the profession so I thought that I would chronicle my experiences through this blog.

First entry

September 18, 2015

The organizational culture at my field experience site is very open; I would even venture to say that some of the people visit the office on a regular basis would consider it fun. I believe this feeling is intentional on the supervisor’s part because he wants it to be a place where students can come to relax. However that does not mean that everything is fun all the time sometimes dealing with LGBTQA can be emotionally taxing we tried to take those issues seriously. My supervisor is very matter of fact tells it like it is because in his view “our job is not to prepare students for the ideal world that we would like, is to have them for the world as it is.” This opinion is shared by several of his colleagues with in person for I have heard that quote I never really thought about the world that we’re sending our students into. In the sense that it’s we try protect our students because they may not know the reality of the world. This might be because we still feel as if they are not ready to deal with all punches like you, if you really think about it though we only have four students for short period of time in the grand scheme of their lives, anywhere from one to six years so in a way we are doing them a disservice because it doesn’t show them the realities of the world as harsh as they may be. I hope that I will be able to emulate a similar approach and culture in the office that I eventually run one day.


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