a show about a narcissistic lawyer “Rake”

Greg Kinnear stars as a narcissistic publicity hound lawyer in Fox’s new hour-long drama\comedy called Rake Greg Kinnear perhaps best known as former host of “Talk Soup”; plays the main character a brilliant butself-absorbed criminal defense attorney named Keegan Deane who has also gotten himself into rather substantial financial debt thanks to gambling issues. The series is based an Australian series of the same name created by Peter Duncan, Richard Roxborgh and Charles Waterstreet. The show has only been on for one week so it is too early to tell how old do in the long run but if the first episode is any indication Greg Kinnear will determine how the show does. His character cannot seem to catch a break even when he thinks he will he does not. The first episode featured special guest star Greta Van Susteren  better known for her show “On the Record” on the Fox news Channel, who interviews Dean and his client whom Dean believes has been set up by the legal system in the city of Los Angeles. Kinnear comes off as a slimy lawyer who is really just the money, you know like most actual lawyers. All kidding aside that is where some of the shows best humor comes from when somebody reminds Dean Estes was to be doing his job to help the people he’s defending. Dean also has a family (ex-wife and son) whom he doesn’t see very often their interactions come across as a little force at times but understandable. All in all it was an enjoyable first episode certainly worth watching more.

You can catch Rake on Thursday nights at 9 PM on Fox or on Hulu the day after it airs.

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